Christy Frazier

Author, Photographer, and Speaker

Untamed Dreams Curse of the Opal


      Seventeen year old Kayli Richards life is changed forever. She now lives with her great aunt in a hundred year old Victorian house that hides a secret. Kayli has always been apprehensive about the house and struggles with the fact that she will now be living in it for the next ten months.  

     Colton, the mysterious renter has a dark secret; he exists in two worlds. One has him living in the untamed Caribbean where he battles looting, murderous pirates and the other, is Kayli’s present world.

     As Kayli struggles with the changes in her life, she begins having dreams where she is on a mysterious ship. The dreams are so real she can taste the salty sea air on her lips and feel the breeze in her hair. Colton struggles with an unwanted quest, to undo a curse put on him because of his father’s crooked ways. Both of their worlds collide pulling Kayli into the dangers of Colton’s dangerous pirate world. Soon the two realize that they are connected and that it will take both of them to undo the curse. However, the most dangerous journey the two will take together is falling in love.

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"Untamed Dreams," combines the struggles of growing up with a dangerous twist to the classic story of star crossed love. The book is the first in a trilogy. The story is targeted for Young Adult readers with the ability to cross age barriers and will satisfy both teenagers and adults alike.

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