Christy Frazier

Author, Photographer, and Speaker

Untamed Dreams- The Twin Stars


Kayli and Colton embark on the final quest to break the curse that has plagued Colton and his crew for many years. Kayli’s dreams are not only becoming more complicated, they are placing her in dangerous situations that could cost her her life. Colton succeeds in locating the witch, only to learn that returning the sword isn’t going to be as easy as he had hoped. The two set out on a perilous mission to return the sword but many obstacles threaten their quest. Blood thirsty pirates and buccaneers know of the quest too, and they want the sword that promises of untold wealth and power. Time is running out; can Kayli and Colton return the sword before it’s too late?

            This final chapter of the Untamed Dreams trilogy is filled with over-the-edge action, deception, and magic. It promises to give the reader an unforgettable conclusion while taking them on the adventure of a lifetime.


            Untamed Dreams- the Twin Stars is the explosive finally to the Untamed Dreams trilogy.


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