Christy Frazier

Author, Photographer, and Speaker

About Christy

     Christy Frazier is a teacher, personal coach, an internationally published writer, speaker, radio talk show guest and award-winning photographer. 

     She is currently teaching STEM subjects at Starbase Hill to fifth graders who attend Title I schools (schools with large concentrations of low-income students) in two school districts.  Before this she taught advanced learning children, grades K-6 at a local elementary school for twenty years. 

     Christy has also taught many inspirational workshops for women, and college courses. Her combined passions of writing, photography, and teaching have inspired her to write many books including her latest book, The Bench.       

 ?Helping children, teens, and adults discover their personal strengths and utilize them, is my passion!?

- Christy Frazier

In her own words

     " I was always the kid with an over-active imagination and constantly daydreaming, especially during school. I just knew that there was a ghost in every house, that all moths and butterflies were really fairies and that if I touched enough of them I would be able to fly. Writing, drawing, and photography became my creative outlets.

     As a teacher, the motto in my classroom is "Think outside the box". I tell my students that I don't want to read, "The brown dog crossed the road" (BORING!). Instead I want to read, "The brown shaggy dog jumped, hopped and skipped across the rocky road and bought himself a taco". (Now that's a story I can get lost in!)"


Imagination is an awesome tool!


Christy is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings:

 Christy can be contacted at:

christyfrazier16@gmail.com or cphoto16@yahoo.com