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I am sorry to say that my children's book aren't currently available. Bif Dif Books closed their doors several months ago. They were a great company to work with and I wish the owner Tom much success in his future.   I am looking for a new home for them and will post as soon as I have one.



     Jennifer Jelly Bean is the story of a young girl who is obsessed with Jelly Beans. Her whole world revolves around  Jelly beans. Join her as she shows you her world of jelly bean swings, pools, clothes and games.


     "We also like Jennifer Jelly Bean by Christy Frazier. It’s about a little girl who loves jelly beans so much that everything - is shaped or decorated with jelly beans."

 Tom Watson,Founder of BigDifBooks Publishing

Macaroni Kid


Dollar Book

     Once There Was a Snowbear is a true story about a seven foot snowbear built out of Christmas snow. Snowburt lived in a backyard for 3 1/2 months! Watch as Snowburt is created then as he gradually melts which is very funny! There is also a "story within a story" done in just pictures showing Snowburt's adventures with others!

                  Cost: $1.99 Go to BigDifBooks.com and type in the title.It's that easy!




     Shannon is a ten year old girl who receives a special invitation by the butterfly queen to visit the butterfly world, which not everyone gets to do. Escorted by Isabelle, a butterfly, Shannon meets others who live in this magical world and even gets to ride on the back of a grasshopper! Join Shannon on her fun filled adventure in the delightful world of butterflies and more!

 Cost: $1.99 Go to BigDifBooks.com and type in the title.It's that easy!





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