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          This novel is filled with adventure, romance, pirates and dreams. The author described all of the scenes very well. From the old victorian house to the pirate ship, I was there with Kayli. The big surprise around the middle of the book completely took me by surprise. This book is fun, unique and touching. I believe teens, especially, will fall in love with Untamed Dreams - Curse of the Opal.

                                                                                              Kim McCann


“ ‘Untamed Dreams: Curse of the Opal’ is a perfect fit for our libraries. We are excited to add the novel to our shelves.”

                                                                                                Trudy and Laurel

                                                                                    Davis County, Utah, Library Systems

           "I just got your book yesterday from the library and I could not put it down! Its just so intense and romantic. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!


            “I really enjoyed this book. I like how at the end it left the reader guessing what would happen next and if the characters really would stay together. I enjoyed the romance and the mystery that was hidden beneath the characters and the secrets that were revealed. I thought that it was cleverly written and the end did kind of surprise me. I really enjoyed reading this book and would gladly read your future books. Thanks for the great read!”


            “I enjoyed this fun adventure very much. I thought it was clever, and different. It made me want to read more t find out how things end for the characters and see if the curse is ever lifted and those caught in its path ever have a chance for a normal life. Thanks for letting me ready your book.”


            “The story line was clever and it was well written. I would never have guessed the turn the book took, and how different and unique it was. It was a little slow at the beginning, but when you get into the main plot it was really good! There is romance, adventure, pirates, and mysterious dreams! It has everything, and was a good read.”


            “It was nice to read a book that was different from the many others I have read. This one left me guessing and wanting more with each chapter.”


            “I want more of Captain Hatcher! Colton can have my number too.


            “Please tell us you have already started writing the next book!”


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