Christy Frazier

Author, Photographer, and Speaker

Untamed Dreams Series

     Kayli Richards is a high school senior whose life is changed forever. Her parents have moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and she now lives with her great aunt in a hundred year old Victorian house.

     Colton Panzer lives in the apartment over  Kayli's great aunt's garage. He is mysterious and has a dark secret; he exists in two different worlds. One has him living in the untamed Caribbean where he battles looting, murderous pirates and the other, is Kayli's present world.

     Kayli begins to have dreams that take her to the untamed seas of the Caribbean. Colton struggles with an unwanted quest put on him because of his father's crooked ways. Both of their worlds collide, pulling Kayli into Colton's dangerous pirate world. Together the two must undo the curse.

      Follow Kayli and Colton as they embark upon the quest together. They will fight murderous pirates, a witch and hidden family secrets.

     The Untamed Dreams Series promises to take you on an adventure you will want to relive over and over.

Book One: Untamed Dreams Curse of the Opal

Book Two: Untamed Dreams Light of the Diamond 

Book Three: Untamed Dreams The Twin Stars

Book Four: Untamed Dreams a Dangerous Begining

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